great, you found the hidden door to my other life:




Flight Instructor:

Hang gliding - delta wing and paraglider (Switzerland)

Microlight - fixed wing and flex wing (Germany)

Airplane - single and multi engine IFR (USA)

Rotorcraft - helicopter (USA)



1973 PPL, Motorflug, CH

1974 Drachenfliegen, CH

1975 Drachenfliegen, Fluglehrer, Prüfer, CH

1976 Schweiz. Hängegleiter Verband, Sekretär < 1978

1977 Schweiz. Hängegleiter Verband, Präsident < 1980

1978 + 1979 Schweizermeister Drachenfliegen

1980 SHV, Ehrenpräsident, CH

1981 Paraplane, USA

1981 CPL, USA

1981 IFR, USA

1982 Fluglehrer CFII, USA

1983 Ultraleicht, D *

1983 Ultraleicht, Fluglehrer, Prüfer, D **

1983 Motorsegler, D

1985 Hubschrauber, D

1985 Kunstflug, PPL A, D

1985 Segelflug (nur Ausbildung), D

1986 Gleitschirm, CH

1987 Gleitschirm, Fluglehrer, CH

1987 Multi Engine, IFR, USA

1987 Consultant to Peter Lloyd, FAI President < 1989

1988 IOC Task Force Aviation ***

1988 Luftfahrt Presse Club, D

1991 AeCS, Vorstand, Direktionsmitglied, CH < 1993

1991 Helikopter, Berufspilot, USA

1991 Helikopter, Fluglehrer, USA

1991 Musée du Vol Libre, Präsident, CH < 1997

1993 Multi Engine, IFR, Fluglehrer, USA

1994 Forum Luft- & Raumfahrt, 2. Vorsitzender, D <1995

1995 Seaplane Rating, USA

1997 Alte Adler, Förderndes Mitglied, D

1998 HeliTreff München, Organisation, D

2012 Gyrokopter, D


Ich hatte das Vergnügen, als verantwortlicher Pilot
über 200 verschiedene Luftfahrzeug-Muster zu fliegen.


* 3-Achser, Trikes, Fuss-Start

** DULV-Prüfer: 3-Achser, Trikes

*** Achievement: Recognized Olympic Sports:

Sailplane, Hang Gliding, Parachute

CFI - ATE American Flyers, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 1981

Passenger - photographer. Bücker 131. 1986

My last aviation education: Gyrocopter License. Magni M24. 2012

Good old days: hang gliding with Danis Manta delta glider. 1974

First time national champion. Hang gliding. 1978.

I had lost 20 pounds in three months. Broken heart.
Sometimes you are the victim. Sometimes you are the cause.
But you are always responsible.

This picture was seen all over the world of hang gliding: cover of Drachenflieger Magazine, poster, book cover and more.

Pilot and photographer: Werner Pfändler - September 24, 1983

Modified hang glider Firebird Sierra with nose mounted Nikon F with electric motor drive and Nikkor 20 mm superwide lens. Ektachrome 100 ASA.

After take-off flying with the sun over the left wing tip. Diving to gain speed. Pushing the A-frame out and simultaneously to the right for a wing over to the left. Shooting the picture in vertical position with the sun - as planned - on the belly.